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Arabic Font Architecture

New Heights in Calligraphic Font Design Achieved

We show in this document some samples of recently developed design for the Al-Farissi Calligraphy.

Majestic Beauty for Al-Farissi Line On a Computer

Early screen print

The samples presented in here are produced by a recently developed version of Al-Farissi font. The new Font was developed according to a design methodology recently proposed by Rami KANHOUCHE, PhD in mathematics, signal processing and Artificial Intelligence. These samples are taken of screen by a camera.


Figure 1


Figure 2


Figure 3


Al-Farissi Font development is completed

 Currently, the new Al-Farissi Font Third Generation version is ready and available for use through Arabic Calligrapher Service.

Here are some actual samples of this Font:

Figure 4


Figure 5

Figure 6

Comparing to hand written calligraphy

In this simple quality test we will compare a handmade calligraphy work to the work produced by new Font version. In Figure 7 the original handmade work and in Figure 8 direct output of new Al-Farissi Font. In Figure 9 is the end result after manual Tankiit and placement adjustment.

Figure 7


Figure 8


Figure 9

Also, in Figure 10 we can observe the original handmade writing for the Quranic verse. Its direct new Font reproduction, without any adjustments, is shown in Figure 11.

Figure 10

Figure 11


The new design of Al-Farissi is, for sure, providing results with great precision and beauty. It has a great degree of matching handmade Arabic calligraphy style. Still, it is not perfect in reproducing the handmade writing. But, what is most important is that the Third Generation Font system allows 100% handmade matching with more effort and enhancement in the design process made by the human designer.

Publishing date 5/12/2014

Font Farissi

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