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Arabic Font Architecture

Third Generation Font system For Arabic Calligraphy

We explain in this document the Third Generation Font system technology developed by Golansoft for Arabic calligraphy writing.

تقنية الجيل الثالث للخط العربي


Introduction: History of Arabic Calligrapher Software development. 2

Third Generation Font system.. 3



Introduction: History of Arabic Calligrapher Software development

AC software was primarily developed to satisfy professional calligraphy art work production using a computerized environment. Contrary to other vector software, AC vector technology is fundamentally oriented toward Arabic calligraphy. This yield a unique object structure for the produced shapes and the way they are manipulated and transformed. The end result was a complete calligrapher work shop with all needed tools and transformation to realize work efficiency and artistic excellence. Beside the necessary vector technology there was the development of a Font system that can solve this sophisticated problem:

“Creating a font system capable of transforming text information into a traditional calligraphy”

Before going into talking about our Font systems it is important to understand that Font development process is two sides process:

1.       The Automated system: This represents the algorithmic system used to build and produce shapes from input text.

2.       The Designer: The design process taken by Font designer to use the automated system in producing a given Font.

Of course many font systems already existed, but none was capable of producing a precise matching and modelling of traditional Arabic calligraphy. Throughout long period, AC Font system was developed in different stages:

First generation system: a simple shape replacement for input letter. The system allowed the selection of different shapes for a single letter. The developed fonts in the year 2000 were : Al-Nassek and Al-Farissi (Old version)

Second generation system: a special shape matching technique was introduced to allow shapes adaptability according to textual context. Mainly, Al-Thoulouth font was developed in year 2006 with a greet degree of success.

Third generation system: third generation system represents a final and complete mathematical theory development for Arabic calligraphy. It is the most sophisticated font system in the world and it is intended to produce Arabic calligraphy that is “hard” to differentiate from hand written artistic calligraphy. It allowed a 100% modelling of the most challenging Fonts Al-Farissi. With Third Generation Font system we realized in 2014 the development of a new version of Al-Farissi Calligraphy style. It is available now for commercial use.

Third Generation Font system

Third Generation Font system technology was proposed and developed by Rami Kanhouche Ph.D. in mathematics. We really cannot separate the font system itself from the more general proposed design methodology. In other word, there is a significant analysis process that comes before font design process. Briefly speaking the design process involves these steps:

1.       Analysis of the target Calligraphy style

2.       The Synthesis by a designer plan to reproduce the Calligraphy design

3.       The implementation using the automated system

4.       Enhancement

It is a sophisticated process and art that may take a long period of time. For example, it will take a single person a period 2 to 3 three months for the development of sophisticated Font like Al-Farissi . Third generation Font system opens the door for the development of whole new race of Calligraphy fonts with high degree of beauty.

Publishing date 2/7/2014

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