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Real Fractals An Islamic Design Technique Unlocking Infinity Gates

We present in this document the technology Real Fractals. Real Fractal technology allows, for first time in modern computing history, explicit design of Fractals in 2D vector design environment. The technology was developed using Arabic Calligrapher vector graphic platform. It is not yet available for commercial use. This technology was invented by Rami Kanhouche PhD in mathematics, in continuity with the great history of Islamic art. Samples are also presented.

First time ever a real fractal designed by a fractal design system

Historic Introduction

The ideas behind Real Fractal technology were developed throughout many years. First prophetic insights started by the realisation, in the year 2000, of a Font system for modelling Arabic calligraphy. In this early stage, a graphical object referral system was developed that allowed the use of the same graphical object in different locations. Referral system allowed also nested referral. This was necessary to respect consistency in Font letters sharing common graphical parts. Arabic Calligrapher 1.0 was released in the year 2006 with relative commercial success. Still, in comparison with handmade calligraphy, Arabic Calligrapher 1.0 Font system did not have the necessary development level to model accurately handmade calligraphy.

Recently, the research in the domain of Arabic calligraphy was further developed with the presentation of the Third Generation Font system. This Font system allowed, for first time, an accurate modelling of Arabic calligraphy.

During the development of Third Generation Font system, the referral system in Arabic Calligrapher platform was further developed to allow recursive constructions. By that, it became fully functional system for designing Fractals.

Why Real Fractals?

There are actually, many systems for Fractal design using predefined system of equations for fractal generation. We called our technology Real Fractals because it produces real fractals without limitation to some predefined equations set. There is no limitation or enforcement of a predefined structure for the fractal. Hence, there are really an infinite number of fractals to produce and not few set of equations. Also, the design is made using the graphical design environment of Arabic Calligrapher software. So it represents a true system for Fractal design as any design that made in computerized environment. 


In here we present some samples of Real Fractals. There are also many samples included in Islamic Art library in the software Arabic Calligrapher 2.0.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Is this technology available for commercial use?

Real Fractal is not yet available for commercial use. It is very possible that the technology will be available as a service in the near future.


Decoding the artistic philosophy of Islamic artists throughout hundreds of years was nothing but fruitful in opening the way for new innovative technologies. Having to provide computer artist with more advanced technique in reproducing ancient scripts and art was the key to the creation of the Real Fractal technology.

Publishing date 10/12/2014

Fractal; Calligraphy; Islamic Design

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