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This app allows you to benefit from text recognition technology (OCR) in accessing the information contained in the images on your phone. It offers mainly, the capability to search textually in smart phone gallery images. We all take photos with textual information on a daily basis. Instead of spending time looking for certain photo you can search for it and find it instantly. This app supports Text recognition (OCR) in more than 100 languages. You can choose the text recognition provider. It is possible to perform text recognition using local provider (on-device) or you can choose the remote provider (on the cloud). When using remote provider you will benefit from better text recognition quality. AutoScan feature: perform automatic text recognition scan of your phone photos. You can choose to scan all your gallery and/or scan newly taken photos. AutoScan using Remote provider (paid subscription): -your images are sent to third party company for processing over secure connection and with complete privacy. -you get best text recognition results. -avoid phone battery overuse.
Supported Operating Systems
Supported Languages
English, French, Arabic
Ver. 10008 -(4/16/2018 )
Ver. 30008 -(4/16/2018 )
Ver. 10007 -(2/23/2018 )
Ver. 30007 -(2/23/2018 )
Ver. 10006 -(1/26/2018 )
Ver. 30006 -(1/26/2018 )
Ver. 10005 -(1/12/2018 )
Ver. 30005 -(1/12/2018 )
Ver. 10004 -(1/1/2018 )
Ver. 30004 -(1/1/2018 )
Text recognition (OCR)  
Recognize text in images more details
Text translation  
Document translation more details
Auto. Scan  
Automatic scan of all your device photos. more details
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