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Fractal Calligrapher Pro 1.0
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Fractal art is an art that goes back to many hundreds of years ago. Even that the notion "Fractal" was not used until recently, the idea of having repetitive form in an art work is something that was performed extensively in the past especially in oriental art. In our days, Fractal composition has become a mathematical concept that is adopted strongly in the scientific domain. Whether it is considered as a mathematical object or an art object, a fractal is a fractal and has some few methods that we know for conception and generation. In general, almost all the methods we know follow a fixed system for generation. The system to generate the fractal can be written sometimes in special programming language or selected from a fixed set of famous fractals. Fractal Calligrapher 1.0 is the only software in the market that allows you to create a fractal system without the need to use a programming language or write any code. It is also the only tool in the market that allows you to actually draw your fractal and structure it in a WYSWYG manner. All of this is performed in a sophisticated 2D vector graphic design environment. We do not claim that Fractal Calligrapher 1.0's Fractal creation capability covers all the Fractal space and allow the creation of any known Fractal. Far from that, the fractal you can create inside Fractal Calligrapher 1.0 has a limited degree of freedom that is defined by the number of transformations you can apply. Still, as we hope you will discover, by using Fractal Calligrapher 1.0 you will be able to generate almost infinite type of fractals and, most importantly, you will be able to artistically conceive these fractals and draw them in the way you wish them to look.
Supported Operating Systems
Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8
Supported Languages
demo (15 days)
Ver. 2 -(7/20/2016 )
Ver. 1 -(7/11/2016 )
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Printing and Exporting  
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Object Hierarchy  
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Oriental Design Library  
Oriental art library to provide the user with rich Islamic design library for creating amazing art work. more details
Parallel Processing  
Parallel Processing that uses all processor cores more details
Professional drawings  
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Self recursivity  
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Multiple Fractals  
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Multidimensionnal Fractal (Unlimited)  
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