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Releases of Arabic Calligrapher 3.0  
Sub Version: 4
Release Date : 8/11/2022
  • Fixed: Enhanced compatibility with Windows 10/11
  • Fixed: Some licensing and install issues
Sub Version: 3
Release Date : 6/11/2016
  • Fixed: Error in color value when using the Needle Tool
  • Fixed: Program crash when inserting some fractal shapes from the General Library
  • Other fixes
Sub Version: 2
Release Date : 6/2/2016
  • Fixed: Unable to use New Region Tool because field is not getting focus
  • Fixed: Unable to use Needle Tool on fields
  • Reducing AutoSave frequency
  • Fixed: Error during rendering objects in Ole mode
Sub Version: 1
Release Date : 5/18/2016
  • Transparency for all objects.
  • New Undo/Redo system.
  • Completely rewritten graphical engine to allow handling, and efficient rendering, of big documents with thousands of objects.
  • Version 3.0 implements parallel processing in rendering to allows you to benefit from all the calculation power of your multi-core processor.
  • New interactive system with features like Click and Edit for greater efficiency.

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